This year, we have to be extra cautious for the safety of everyone’s health. Travel is restricted, gatherings are limited, and outings are dramatically different. We may not see family and friends as we normally would for the holidays.

With travel limited, parents could be on the list of those we are restricted from seeing this year. Therefore, the gifts we give them should be even more meaningful than ever.  

Shopping for mom and dad is never easy, but technology could be a great bet because often mature consumers tend to hold onto older devices longer. Treat them to one of the items in our holiday list, and watch their faces brighten with gratitude, even if it is only over video chat.




Google Nest Hub

This clever device helps make the most of when you’re at home. With voice activation, users can get calendar and commute information, and also reminders. They can watch the news, create a shopping list, and place calls to loved ones and businesses alike.
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google nest

Facebook Portal

For Facebook lovers, this easy to use video systems taps into Messenger and WhatsApp accounts, enabling parents to connect with loved ones. The Smart Camera pans and zooms to keep everyone in frame while users move and talk freely

facebook portal

UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging

Sanitizing has never been more important. This powerful sanitization and charging station kills germs with UV rays and is proven up to 99% of effective. Power a device and eliminate germs all at the same time. Give the gift of clean this year.


Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Sometimes drowning out the noise is the best gift. An excellent present any day of the year, noise canceling headphones offer an immersive experience of sound, allowing listeners to focus on what’s being played rather than what is around them.

noise cancelling headphones


Self-Watering Planter

A brilliant gift for plant lovers, the Lechuza self-watering planter features a signature reservoir to give plants the moister they need, when they need it. Easily monitor water levels with the water-level indicator, making gardening easy as can be.

self watering planter

PopSocket Car Vent

No adhesive, no mess, just easy screen access while in your car. This is the essential accessory for using map apps while navigating unfamiliar places. They’ll never miss a turn with this magnetic phone mount that clips right onto the car’s vent.


MacBook Saver

For parents who like to take their laptops on the go, Mujjo has designed a sleek and stylish cover for Macs. This cover protects computers from nicks, bumps, and wear and tear that come along with travel.



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