Gifting requires thought and consideration. You want your present to surprise and delight, while also staying within your price range. When it comes to gifting for men, the options are almost endless. Tools, clothes, shaving kits, the list goes on, and the prices go up as the list grows.

A little secret to shopping while staying in budget is planning. We know it sounds simple, but sometimes the simplest answers can be the best ones. To make it even easier, we’ve created a list to inspire you on your next shopping excursion for him.

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1 Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

There’s something satisfying about making things from scratch, and the perfect sauce is no exception. A blend of this, a hint of that. Hot sauce kits are the perfect gift for the man who loves heat in the kitchen and on his food.


hot sauce kit



Vacuuming is called a chore for a reason. That’s why Roombas have become so darn popular. No matter whose turn it is for the floors, the Roomba takes all the hassle of cleaning and makes it easy, including the corners. An even better gift for pet owners.




Cold brew kit

Coffee costs can add up, but an easy way to save money is to make your own. Cold brew has become the go-to item for strong-coffee lovers, and an at-home kit is the perfect way to get that strong flavor at a fraction of the cost.





Apple TV

Apple TV is a simple little box that allows you to stream apps like Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go and HBO Max, Hulu, ESPN, AT&T TV NOW, Disney+ and so much more, right to your TV. It’s the gift for him that everyone can enjoy.
Bonus: add a subscription to HBO Max and let him get the most from his Apple TV the moment he plugs it in.





Synonymous with fitness, this wearable health monitor tracks activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. It’s become essential for the health-minded set.




Whiskey subscription

Whiskey lovers can expand their knowledge with this subscription. Discover favorites and ones to avoid. It’s the perfect way to become an aficionado, and it’s delivered to his front door.




Stand up desk

It’s been reported again and again that sitting for long periods of time can increase health risks. The easy remedy is a standup desk. These days a lot of people are working from home, and a standup desk helps workers with back alignment and give them more energy throughout the day.


Stand up Desk



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