Shopping for the holidays can be one of the most hectic times of year. With schooling and working from home, and all the other duties we have to tend, details can be lost in the shuffle. From dinners and snacks to the piles of presents, the crunch is on and time is limited.

To stay on top of things, you first have to manage your time and plan your outings. Gifts and groceries shouldn’t be done on the same trip, and family time is no time to squeeze in a couple of covert purchases. It’s all a matter of mapping it out. How, you may ask? Let’s begin.

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Start shopping now

The moment the pumpkin spice flavors hit the shelves you’re going to need a game plan. Who do you shop for, what do they need and where are you going to get it? Time is the enemy when it comes to holiday shopping, so use it wisely.

Quick Gift Idea: Wi-Fi extender.

For larger families in larger homes, this essential item could save you a lot of trouble — and bandwidth.



Wifi Extender


Take advantage of online discount aggregators

Honey and RetailMeNot are two digital services that offer excellent bargains on thousands of items. Why buy full price, especially around the holidays, when you don’t have to? It’s easy, fast and your wallet will thank you.

Quick Gift Idea: Tropical floral phone case for iPhone 12.

Stylish, fade resistant and antimicrobial — it’s a win-win.



ATT Phone Case 2


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are your friends

We know, Black Friday can be a heavy burden to bear. The discounts, however, can sometimes be worth it if you choose the right items from the right stores. Avoid massive crowds by choosing items that aren’t as popular or big ticket. You’d be surprised what’s left after the crowds have gone. Likewise, Cyber Monday can also be easy, with online price cuts, free shipping, and best of all, no crowds. You shop from the comfort of your own home.

Quick Gift Idea: AT&T Fast Charge Wireless Charging Car Dock

Rapid charging of your smartphone when you’re on the go. It’s as cool as it is useful.



Charging Dock


Follow social hashtags for fun gift ideas

Let social media be your shopping guide. Apps like Instagram utilize the popularity of influencers and hashtags to generate an audience. Take advantage of these useful tools to find some unexpected gifts, where to buy them, and for the best prices. Sometimes influencers even offer exclusive discount codes, which is an added bonus.

Quick Gift Idea: Tylt Flipstick Portable Power Pack

This stylish little stick is an all-in-one mobile charging solution and will fit in your pocket. For those that use their phone on the go, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.



Portable Charger





The information included within this article is AT&T sponsored content written by Currently Media editorial contributor Robbie Imes. The statements in this article are his own and don’t reflect the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

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