Shopping for loved ones can be difficult. The stores are crowded, the choices are overwhelming and then there’s the expense. The pressure is on. But how do you shop for the best gifts, especially for the women in your life, without losing your mind?

We’ve done the hard work by creating a gift guide for her. And the best part is our picks are almost all $50 and under. We’ve found inexpensive gifts that will blow her mind, and make you look like the next best thing to Santa Claus.

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 Himalayan Salt Lamp

This light gives off an amber glow for a calming atmosphere that promotes peace and relaxation.


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Custom face mask

An essential item so unique, it might just be the perfect gift for 2020.




Apple Watch

While this one is the most expensive on our list, it’s the one that will make her think of you every time she looks at her wrist. Fitness metrics all day long for a focus and connected life, the Apple Watch takes smart devices to a whole new level. {for Teachers, save even more this Holiday season with a special offer from AT&T.}





4 Cool Phone Case

iPhone 12 is just one of the new mobile devices out this year. Once activated, a new phone requires a new case. Why not get her one that is cool and also functional?

iPhone Case

For iPhone 12 specifically, she probably wants to show off that cool color glow. This is a great case at a gift-worthy price.


ATT iPhone Case



 5 Voluspa candles

You can never go wrong with a great candle, and these are some of the most fragrant available.


Baltic Amber Candle


Silk Eye Mask

This washable silk eye mask comes in an array of modern colors and helps provide for a peaceful and tranquil night of sleep.

Lunya Sleep Mask


Organic Bed Sheets

Premium bedclothes have made a strong comeback as of late. Some brands, however, can run hundreds of dollars for a single sheet. Thankfully, there’s Fig Linens, offering gorgeous sheet sets at a reasonable price.

Organic Sheets



Premium Lotion

It’s hard to tell which lotion out there is the best, but Bath & Body Works has always had the market cornered when it comes to gifting body care. Their Aromatherapy sets are special any day of the year.



Milk’s Assorted Cookie Tin

You can never go wrong with sweets, especially ones as good as these. They come in unexpected flavors, and in a cool tin at that. Pro-tip: splurge for the 12 pack of cookies.

Milk Cookies

That’s our no-fuss list for her that won’t leave you penniless. We did all the work and you take all the credit.

And there you have it. A no-fuss list for her that won’t leave you penniless. Happy Shopping!




The information included within this article is AT&T sponsored content written by Currently Media editorial contributor Robbie Imes. The statements in this article are his own and don’t reflect the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

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