This holiday season is different. Being indoors, away from loved ones, has caused a disconnect we hadn’t felt in such a profound way before. The effects of 2020 will never truly fade, but technology has been the saving grace of our time. It has kept us close while we are all so far apart. 

We all know the routine of social distancing, and the tools that help us bridge the communication gaps. The one device most of us have that has played a role in keeping us connected is our smartphone. Ubiquitous and always on, it is a lifeline to the world. 

How have smartphones kept us connected? Some device features that have allowed us to stay in touch are obvious, while others are not. Here are just a few examples.

Video Chats and FaceTime 
This is the one of the most common ways to connect. It’s like being with your loved ones and friends without having to leave your living room. Hearing a voice is always reassuring, but if you can both see and hear a caller,  there’s more of a personal connection.

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This is the easiest way to say hello when in a hurry or on the go, or when you just feel like a casual connection. Think about how often you text, and the convenience it brings to your life. From groceries and gas reminders to just a simple hello, text is the next best thing to being there.

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Social media 
Most social media is accessed via mobile devices. These community-driven platforms are a place to keep up with new and old friends, the brands and people you love, and the news you want to read. It’s the largest social net we cast, keeping tabs on people and interacting in meaningful ways that we aren’t always aware of.

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Socia Media


The old-fashioned art of talking is still an option with your phone. If video or text isn’t your preference, dial someone you’re thinking of and let them know you care. So much can be communicated in a simple word or tone. Wish them a happy holiday in your voice.

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