Financial stress can dampen the holidays for many people. With gifts, entertaining, and sometimes travel, the costs can add up and quickly get out of hand. The stress of spending can cloud the joy of the season.  

Let the yuletide serve a greater purpose beyond expensive gifts. Make the season happier by setting guidelines around expenditures, have rules on gifting, and keep the holiday light and fun. Money doesn’t need to dominate the holidays. 

Here are a handful of ways to stay in budget, or maybe even save some money, during the holidays. 


Have a budget and stick to it 
Give yourself a strict spending limit and do not go over it. That includes gifts, food, travel if any, and other unexpected expenses that might arise. While you may not have as many presents under the tree, the holiday will take on much deeper meaning when you aren’t stressed about overspending.




Shop with purpose 
Shopping with purpose around the holidays is a lot like entering the grocery store with a list. You know what you need, and how much you need. Have a plan, and stick to it.  




Big gifts aren’t better gifts 
Overspending in general is a no-no. While it might create short-term happiness, in the long run it will not benefit anyone. Don’t make overspending an option. There are a million different presents you can give if you are creative, and most of them won’t break the bank. 


Small Gifts


Celebrate the season in other ways
The most valuable commodity we have in life is time. Offer some of your precious hours as a gift by volunteering, helping a loved one or neighbor with a project they’ve been meaning to get done, or simply cook your family the most fabulous, budget-conscious meal they’ve ever had – everyone loves that. Singing carols costs nothing, and neither does being a good person. 






The information included within this article is content written by Currently Media editorial contributor Robbie Imes. The statements in this article are his own and don’t reflect the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

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