Being confined to home for the holidays might not be an ideal way to spend the most wonderful time of the year. In a time of great stress, when life seems to be at a standstill, feeling merry might be even more challenging. But take a moment to take stock in the good things you have and make a list of everything that you are grateful for. 

While we have given up a lot this year, there’s still quite a few holiday hacks that can help to recharge that wintertime cheer. Here are eight ways that can help make your 2020 Christmas even merrier. 

Merry Christmas

1. Write a letter to Santa
It doesn’t matter how old you are. Writing a letter to Santa, especially this year, can have a special kind of magic. Tell him how you feel and let him know that this holiday season you’d like something even more special. Even if it’s unrealistic, the effort behind the letter will be cathartic and put a smile on your face. 

Letter to Santa

2. Have a gift-wrapping race
There’s nothing wrong with a little competition over the holidays. Parents and children alike can participate in this one, where whoever does the fastest wrapping job wins. Bonus points for ribbons and bows, though they must be perfectly placed, of course. 



3. Christmas sweater party
Oh, yes. The classic Christmas sweater party. There’s no wrong choice here, but the sillier you get, the more fun it is. The rules are simple: put on the most over-the-top holiday sweater you can find and join the soiree. More points if you make the sweater yourself.  Pro Tip: Utilize a video conferencing tool for friends and family that can’t be with you this year. 

Christmas Sweater


4.  Make stovetop potpourri
Citrus and warm spices bring this aromatic sensation to life, filling your home with the quintessential smells of the season. There are endless recipes on the internet, each with their own unique scent. We like this one for the fragrances of the outdoors.



5. Neighborhood holiday lights stroll 
Collect the family for an inspiring jaunt to see some of the best light displays your neighbors have put up. Bright lights and clever arrangements will never fail to get a smile. Not only will you be exploring your neighborhood, you’ll get some fresh air and exercise, too. This will become an enjoyable tradition you can all look forward to every year. 

Holiday Lights


6. Volunteer your time
There is always someone in need. Look for a favorite charity, such as a homeless shelter or an animal rescue. There you can donate your time to those that need it most. The holidays are about giving, and this is the perfect way to do just that. 



7. Christmas scavenger hunt
Looking for a new holiday tradition that packs a punch? Get into teams with your Christmas crew and hunt for anything that is holiday-related. Make a box of cookies or a homemade ornament to add to the tree for someone to discover. There are endless ways to make the hunt exciting and unique. You can even do this one over video. 

Scavenger Hunt


8. Reading Christmas classics
Reading is alive and well, especially around the holidays. Whether it is from a tablet or your favorite old book, this is a great time to settle down by the tree and read some of the holiday classics with loved ones.

Christmas Classics




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