2020 has been a challenging year for many reasons. The pandemic has caused us to retreat indoors in unprecedented ways, making it difficult to connect with loved ones and friends. Keeping safe has become the number one priority. 

While being close to those we know and love has not been easy, we have persevered in many ways and gotten creative in how we express our love. 

This holiday season, as more restrictions mount, we offer fun and innovative ways to keep you connected, even if loved ones are far away. 

5 socially-distanced ways to celebrate the season

Host a Virtual Video Gathering

Over the course of 2020, we have become accustomed to doing a lot more online, including shopping for devices. Getting together via teleconferencing is one way to connect. Host Christmas morning, sing carols around the fire, open presents with family and friends virtually or just get on to say how much you care. Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime and so many other options exist. Make your holiday feel more intimate even though you might have to be apart from loved ones.


Family Gather Socially Distanced

Send Custom Gift Boxes

Curate a special package for those you may not see in person this holiday season. A beauty box or a kitchen collection could be the perfect gift for that special someone. Make it tailored to their passions and include a special note to make it even more personal. 


Custom gift boxes

Ornament Mail Trade

Take older ornaments, or make new ones, and get your circle to do the same. Send the ornaments to each other via snail mail with a custom message or story or both. Go all out and let your imagination run wild - the more unique the better. There really is no limit to this fun activity, and the thoughtful touch will be remembered year after year.


Unique Ornaments

Video Chat with Santa

Given the difficulties that life has thrown at us this holiday season, many children won’t get the opportunity to see Santa. But did you know you can chat with him on your phone or through your computer? Santa's Club offers a virtual connection with Saint Nick. Personalized virtual visits with the Christmas man himself can be had right from the comfort and safety of your home.


Chat with Santa

Recipe Swap Challenge 

Most people have that one dish or meal they can make to perfection. Now, take that recipe and pass it on. When everyone receives the recipes in your circle, have them create their own version. Everyone cooks dinner and offers up their opinion over Zoom. Flavors will be different and many. It’s fun, easy and you might just learn something along the way.


Recipe Swap



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