2020 will undoubtedly be remembered for many extraordinary firsts, including donning face coverings. What everyone thought would be a passing fad has now become something of a mainstay, with face coverings showing up in movies, fashion and on TV.

With the pandemic still a threat, the CDC has urged every person to cover their nose and mouth to avoid spreading COVID-19. This holiday, as people revise time-honored traditions and celebrations, face coverings are now more important than ever. 

It’s an unusual new normal, but nothing we can’t get through without adding some holiday cheer. Here are some seasonally-inspired mask ideas to get you through the chillier months with a smile, even if no one can see it. 

Holiday Face Masks

Bright and Festive Tones

Other big ticket items might be at the top of the list, but stocking stuffers are always a hit. Nothing says holiday like red, green, white, blue or even polka dots. These soft cotton masks have two layers of lightweight jersey, per the CDC’s recommendation, and a 3D shape for a snug but comfortable fit that doesn’t hinder breathing. 

Bright Color Face Masks

Holiday Patterns

Make your kids' face mask fun for everyone with these light string patterns from Claire's. These coverings feature cool, seasonally inspired imagery, and offer an amazing look. Don't forget to read the fine print, though. Some of these and all masks might require additional layers and filters. 

Fun Patterns Face Mask

Seasonally Cozy

Bright colors, fun designs and all-around joy for the whole family, GAP and Old Navy delivers the goods at a great value with these seasonal face masks. Go bold with a stegosaurus covered in Christmas lights, or take the chill approach with a cozy flannel pattern. Whatever you choose, these masks make a statement.

Gap Masks

Santa Beard Mask

Santa needs protection, too, and this hilarious face covering provides it. Put it on mom for a good chuckle, or let dad wear it while delivering the presents with joy.

Santa Mask

Mickey Mouse Face Masks

Some characters are just synonymous with the holidays, and Mickey Mouse is one of them. With a variety of great designs, there is no shortage of Disney fun here. These masks are great stocking stuffers and keepsakes for years to come.

Micky Mouse Face Masks



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