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A new and improved Wi-Fi is here, setting the standard for how we connect 


by Robbie Imes, 5 min read

Wi-Fi is everywhere, and we use it for nearly everything these days. From cars to coffee makers, our reliance on wireless internet has grown exponentially in recent years. We need the strongest, and the smartest, Wi-Fi we can get, and that is especially true in more populated areas. More people mean more need, and more need means more data being exchanged. So, what is next in the evolution of the very thing that keeps us moving? 

Introducing Wi-Fi 6, the next-generation in wireless internet. While it offers more speed, it can also provide better performance in densely populated areas, from concerts and sports arenas to your multi-family homes and buildings. Wi-Fi 6 has launched, but its true power is still yet to be felt. 

Next Gen Wi-Fi is Here

What exactly is Wi-Fi 6?

The difference between Wi-Fi 6 and our current, more widely used versions of Wi-Fi is that the current iteration focuses on increasing raw data rates, while Wi-Fi 6 emphases better efficiency, capacity and all-around performance. That means more stable and reliable internet for even the most demanding devices and networks. 



Why Wi-Fi 6? 

Wi-Fi 6 connects us to the world we live in today, but better. Businesses with high traffic or urban centers often experience slow Wi-Fi, putting a burden on bandwidth and devices alike. The technologies that support Wi-Fi 6 make for better spectrum efficiency and increase the capacity to handle large amounts of data, easing the strain on devices.

A great benefit of Wi-Fi 6 is the reduced power needs, which means less strain and longer battery life on our devices. This cuts costs on keeping devices up and running as well as increases the life of the device itself.

Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation in smart wireless internet. 

Wi-Fi 6 also comes with better security. An updated security protocol and WPA3 provide a much greater defense against malicious cyberattacks. Your data will be safe and protected in ways that have not been made available until now.

While the technology is still rolling out, you can expect to see the benefits right away. As Wi-Fi 6 ramps up, you will want to consider upgrading to devices that support this smart technology in order to take advantage of all that it has to offer. The new AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway1 is your first step to experiencing all these benefits and more.


1 Subject to eligibility. Faster Wi-Fi throughput and optimal performance requires Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices.


Gateway Wi-fi 6


Powerful and consistent connectivity has never been easier.



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