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by Robbie Imes, 6 min read

Holidays are for binging the best new movies and shows. It's the time off you need to relax and enjoy yourself without a schedule. And you're going to need the free time. There’s seven great shows you need to watch this season. Let’s cut to the chase and dive right into them.


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Outer Range

This strange, slow burner will hook fans of both Western and sci-fi genres right away, and the cast cannot be beat. Josh Brolin is Royal Abbott, a rancher who comes across a mysterious black void on his land. When a traveler comes along, and tensions rise with neighboring ranchers, things begin to get ever stranger. What is the void doing there? Is it a portal to another dimension?

With Lilly Taylor, Imogen Poots and Noah Reid, this series combines Yellowstone and Twin Peaks with its own brand of twists – a top choice for fun suspense over the holiday.

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Barry (season 3)

Back for season 3, Barry picks up a few months where we left him in season 2, this time in even more trouble than ever.  The twisted tale of the reluctant and likable hitman, Bill Hader delivers a nuanced performance of a man just trying to go on the straight and narrow (albeit the Hollywood stage).

The Chechen mob and the LAPD are getting closer to him for crimes he’s committed in the past, all while he’s still trying to make things work with his self-centered actor girlfriend, Sally. This show is as watchable as they get, and we’re happy to see it come back for a new season.


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Human Resources

A spin-off of the wildly popular animation-for-adults show Big Mouth on Netflix, Human Resources takes us into the monster world where pre-teens’ hormone monsters live and work – in offices.  

They experience the grind just like the humans they support and terrorize, except their world is much, much more bizarre. Hilarious and heartfelt, with more musical numbers than you can imagine, this show is funny, easy TV.

On Netflix



Atlanta is anything but average. Starring and created by the multi-faceted talent and EGOT-holder, Donald Glover, who also serves as executive producer, season 3 follows Earn, Alfred, Darius and Van as they make their way through a European tour.

Struggling with strange new places and the pressures of their hard-earned success, the four friends traverse their own personal headspaces, as well, bringing a satisfying, though sometimes darker, season to the fans. After a four-year hiatus, everyone is glad to see this show back on TV.

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What happens when a dark and mysterious tech company offers employees a medical procedure to severe their work memories from their home lives? Nothing bad can happen, right? This slow burn, very stylish sci-fi thriller takes viewers on a journey so twisty you have to wonder, “are my memories real?”

When his work friend vanishes, one “severed” man begins looking for the truth. With incredible performances from Patricia Arquette, Adam Scott and Britt Lower, this is a show that can make everyone dread office life.

On Apple+



Young love and coming-of-age stories never get old, proven here in this endlessly sweet and charming show from the UK. Adapted from a graphic novel, this gay love story pulls at the heartstrings in a way that few shows have done in recent memory.

Incredibly binge-able, Kit Connor and Joe Locke deliver career defining moments on the screen as we experience the thrill of true first love with them. This is a must see.

On Netflix


I Love That for You

Created and executive produced by SNL favorite Vanessa Bayer, the comedian stars as a newbie host for a home shopping channel but is in danger of losing her dream career. So what does she do? She creates a web of cringy lies about her childhood disease returning in order to keep her job.

Hilarious, perfectly cast and a welcome change to the current sea of typical comedies. Come for Bayer, stay for Matt Rogers as the bitchy assistant.

On Showtime



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