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by Robbie Imes, 6 min read

On Halloween, kids are excited and teenagers are running amok. It’s a classic American holiday where there’s potential for danger, so safety has to be number one. Even if someone is dressed as a princess or a knight, a hint of horror is always lurking around the corner. 

While we love this terrifying night of costumes and trick-or-treating, real life danger is never any fun. Thankfully, the little devices we hold in our hands can help even in the most unusual predicament. 

Here’s what to know about iPhone’s safety features – and how to use them – to keep you safe on the scariest night of the year. 


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Find My 

Simply put, this feature shows the location of your child’s device (or anyone that shares their location with you). It’s an essential tool for parents any time of the year. You can find the Find My menu in your iPhone’s settings in Find My. Choose Find My iPhone, then slide the toggle next to Find My iPhone to the right to enable it. 

A great new feature of iOS 15 allows you to switch on the Find My network, which locates the device for up to 24 hours after it’s been turned off. Also, Send Last Location is perfect for when the device’s battery is low or turns off – it automatically sends the last location to Apple. Now all you have to do is log into your iCloud account to see the device’s location.

If your child is too young for a phone, Apple AirTags are great alternatives that offer the same location features.


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Halloween is a night of adventure, but don’t get lost while having fun. A brand-new feature on iPhone 14 is Emergency SOS via satellite. With it, you can text emergency services even without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. This feature is essential for safety and is a welcome addition to new phones. 

To use, hold your phone in your hand facing the sky (no need to hold it up). Once the phone connects to the satellite, you can send your communication even when the phone is locked.

You can reach emergency services via satellite by first trying to call them. If this doesn’t connect, Tap Emergency Text via Satellite or you can use Messages to text 911 or SOS, then tap Emergency Services. You’ll then be asked to answer a series of emergency questions to better help assess the situation.




Maps is an everyday tool we rely on for directions, traffic updates, locations and so much more. An easy to use, step-by-step guide for the latest Apple Maps takes you safely on your Halloween journey. 

With iOS 15 and above, the AR mode maps walking directions via the real world by using your iPhone's back camera, making it easier to see where you need to. When you scan your immediate area, directions appear in the AR mode automatically. This makes directions that are complicated a little easier, especially in the scariness of a Halloween night.


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Texting Features 

Did you know you can text 911 on your iPhone? In Messages, type 911 into the To field, type your emergency and send. Once you send and connect with an emergency dispatcher, you can send texts for assistance with your emergency.

You can also tell Siri to call 911, or simply press the side button and one of the Volume buttons at the same time until the Emergency Call slider appears on your screen. Toggle the Emergency Call slider to call emergency services and you are automatically connected.

Halloween scares come in many forms, and some of them can be more real than we anticipated. Sharing these must-know details with children will give you peace of mind knowing they are safe and have the tools they need for assistance in any situation. 


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We sometimes take for granted that the little computers in our pockets are the primary way to reach someone by phone. Phone calls are just as necessary now as they have ever been, especially when family members are in new or different locations. Halloween can feel like a night of independence, but we don’t want our loved ones getting lost. A check-in call is key. And if something goes awry, 911 is right at your fingertips. 


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Battery Life

The iPhone battery life has improved vasty over the years. In a world that is so on-the-go, we need to squeeze every moment we can out of our mobile devices. Emails, calendars, texts, and yes, phone calls can only happen if we have battery power. 

Luckily, the latest iPhone has the best battery life to date. The new feature – widgets on the home screen – can suck the life from your phone – much like Dracula does his victims.  Avoid adding these to keep your phone vibrant and alive throughout the night. Also, turn off the haptic feedback feature. It uses a lot of energy that depletes your phone — and fast. 

If you do have a low battery, all you need to do is turn on low battery mode, make sure all apps are closed and keep the usage to a minimum. Trick or treat! 


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Finally, we have the flashlight, the ubiquitous and most usable feature on All Hollow’s Eve. From dark pathways to spooky doorways, the flashlight will help you find your way even in the darkest hours. Simply click the flashlight icon on your lock screen and there is a light to guide your way. 

Have fun out there! 


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