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by Robbie Imes, 1 min read

In the latter portion of 2021, AT&T and Warner Bros partnered to launch Batman: Arkham Knight, powered by Stadia’s streaming technology.

However, readers might recall that in early 2021 Google shut down Stadia Games and Entertainment. Many users immediately worried that their favorite games could be lost. Not long after, though, the company announced it would begin working with partners to offer Stadia’s streaming capabilities in more exclusive ways.

With that announcement a bigger question came into play: was this a sign that Stadia would transition for streaming services as more of a white-label product? That’s still to be determined, but in the meantime, fans have started to see some of what they'd been hoping for – some of their favorite games would continue to live on through these partnerships.




One of the first games to see that revival is Batman: Arkham Knight, the 2015 finale to Rocksteady Games’ very popular Arkham trilogy, which is not currently available on Google Stadia. Thanks to the partnership between Warner Bros and AT&T, fans have the first – and very promising – example of Stadia acting as a white-label provider, working behind-the-scenes to power one of the most popular games online.

The partnership offered users an exclusive opportunity to stream Batman: Arkham Knight directly from desktop Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. There's one catch, though: you have to be an AT&T Wireless customer to play.

Once customers are signed-in with an AT&T phone number and billing zip code they arrive on a landing page with a prominent message: “Play Now for Free." When they click the button they're given a nearly identical experience which Stadia players have through Chrome today. 

Users are eager to see more of their games come back to life online. And if this partnership is a sign of things to come, they have a lot to look forward to. 

Check it out here at Batman: Arkham Knight 




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