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by Robbie Imes, 6 min read

Change is inevitable, and one of the few things in life that’s guaranteed. Change for the better, though, is something to look forward to and can bring more balance to our lives. Balance creates harmony, and with it, a greater sense of accomplishment. One of the forces behind change is technology, which can have positive effects for generations to come. 

Technology allows for efficiency in organizing both our work schedule and our leisure time and reduces the stress of having to manage everything all at once. There are millions of gadgets and applications to choose from to help achieve a sense of balance.  

Here are our nine top picks to help you in balancing your professional and personal lives:


Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe



State-of-the-art earbuds with cordless charging? Bring it on. First, let's talk business. When you're on a call and you need to drown the world out, Apple AirPods Pro can do just that. With AirPods Pro's two microphones and outward-facing mic with inward-facing mic design, you have second-to-none noise cancellation. For play time, you can use them to listen to podcasts, music, movies or whatever else you’d like. 


Orbitkey Active Rubber Key Organizer

Key Organizer


Loose keys are a pain - literally. At their worst, they can stab your leg or fingers. So how does this gadget make life better? It stops the jangling and keeps your keys perfectly organized in a sleek, rubber clip that is perfect for pockets and purses alike. It's a small thing with huge impact. 


Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Thermostat


No one wants to worry about the temperature in their home. Whether it's cold or hot, why not let technology take care of it? A temperature-controlled house, powered by Goggle, is the answer. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat follows the temperatures you set and creates a custom schedule for you. It automatically lowers the temperature after you leave home to help you save on heating costs. And you can control it from anywhere using your smart devices.


The Skylight Calendar


Sky Calendar


Digital calendars are great, but they often live on our smart devices. Once we have access to a device, we can access the calendar app and then find what we are looking for. Grab your glasses, otherwise it's time to squint. The Skylight Calendar – a WiFi-connected digital display for everything in your life - is an eye and time saver. The 18-inch touch screen displays your schedule, and even your photos, with beautiful clarity. It’s also perfectly-sized for walls and desks. 


Apple Black Leather Case with MagSafe Case - iPhone 13 Pro Max

Leather iPhone Case


Three words: protect your investment. While we await for Apple to create an invincible iPhone, we have to live with a delicate casing and screen. This chic leather case brings a sense of security and style to your phone with the added bonus of magnetic charging placement. This allows for seemless wireless charging that makes life, well, better. 


JBL Go3 Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Speaker


Style and sound come together with the JBL Go3 Bluetooth Speaker. Play your favorite tunes from your favorite device from just about anywhere. With up to 5 hours of playtime, the music never stops at picnics or during beach trips, and a backyard romp in the pool can go on without worry. Both waterproof and dust-proof, this slick speaker is for you — or give as a gift. 

C by GE Cync Tunable White Two Pack Smart Bulbs

Light bulb


Smart bulbs are the definition of life changing. While they provide a minor convenience in the grand scheme of things, it's often the little things that count. C by GE Cync Tunable bulbs allows for bright light in the morning and low light at night. Program your lights so you don't come home to a dark house, and with remote and voice control, you’re in charge even away from home. Take advantage of voice control by connecting to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa through your Wi-Fi router.

Gifting a New Phone 

New Phone


How can someone else's phone make your life better? Glad you asked. Sometimes just giving a gift can change one's life. From parents needing an upgrade to kids and their first phones, you can share the gift of communication in so many ways. There are so many great discounts available that you can be generous without breaking the bank. Or, you can hand down a used device and set up a new account for someone at your local AT&T store or by phone. 


Sticky Memo Ball

Memo Ball


Keep yourself and the whole family organized in a fun way. Designed with Afifi Ishak for Metaproject, this 12 sticky-sided ball has tear-off sticky memos in a multitude of colors. Plus, here’s a little secret: each stack of memos contains a fortune when used. If the easy memos don't change your life, maybe the forties will? (PM: not sure what you’re saying here?)





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