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by Robbie Imes, 3 min read

No one – and I mean no one – likes slow internet. Whether it’s for work, school or personal time, a slow connection can ruin an entire day. Since much of our lives exist online, any disruption can cause major delays in our busy schedules. When appointments for a doctor’s visit or a work meeting are impacted, the consequences can be dire.

Slow internet during the holidays is especially frustrating. When trying to connect with loved ones, surfing the net or simply looking up recipes for your holiday meals, any lag in connection can put a damper on your mood. The services below can help with your internet speed, but more importantly, they can keep you happy – and sane – during the busiest season of the year. 




5G Enabled Mobile and Smart Devices
The latest and greatest in mobile technology lets you connect with strength and speed. Check online prices in real time, make a video call on the go or stream your favorite show with confidence. 

Consider the iPhone 13 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy z Flip 3




Fiber Internet
With AT&T Fiber, a faster internet experience is yours! 20x upload speeds than cable, strong Wi-Fi in your entire home (with proper devices) and unlimited data—with new plan options and low prices to fit you and your family’s needs. The holidays are a great time to take advantage of this amazing technology. 

With AT&T Fiber you can get free HBO Max. Or view other AT&T Internet plans. 




Wi-Fi 6
Wi-Fi 6 is the internet as we know it, but better. High demand often means into slow Wi-Fi, putting a burden on bandwidth and devices alike. The technologies that support Wi-Fi 6 make for better spectrum efficiency and increase the capacity to handle large amounts of data, easing the strain on devices. This is the future of Wi-Fi, and the best way to maintain a stronger wireless connection. 



Smart Home Manager 
AT&T Smart Home Manager is a free tool that simplifies and personalizes your home Wi-Fi experience. It offers fast connections with parental control features to set customized limits on access —all included with your AT&T internet service. Also, you can limit screen time and user access, invite guests via email or text, and best of all, boost your signal with AT&T Smart Wi-Fi extenders. These controls let you focus on the holidays without fear of your family accessing questionable content. This is your holiday, but easier. 

Check out all the smart features available – you can't go wrong. 



Extended Wi-Fi Coverage 
In addition to managing your home, the Smart Home Manager can help expand your home Wi-Fi coverage. Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and buffering, and also have a single Wi-Fi name for uninterrupted connections as you move from room-to-room. Consider the Orb Wi-Fi system to help connect your home seamlessly. Add a HomePod or two for room to room sound like never before!  



Mobile HotSpots 
Mobile HotSpots keep you connected when Wi-Fi isn’t an option. Your holiday is hectic enough. You need fast access, downloads and streams, which can be yours anywhere with AT&T 5G or the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. Use your great connection with up to 32 Wi-Fi devices! And don’t worry about running out of juice – the Nighthawk 5G has a generous 5,040 mAh battery. Pair it with the NightHawk Router


And there you have it – some of the best and brightest ways to keep your internet fast, and safe, during the holidays.


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