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by Robbie Imes, 6 min read

Saving money during the pricey summer travel season is the key to a successful journey. No one wants to use all their hard-earned cash on unexpected changes, both during and after the trip. Nothing will sour a good time more. 

Getting to all the places you want within budget makes for a stress-free holiday, but to do so you need the tools to set you up for success. To get the best bang for your buck, there are a host of shortcuts out there to help keep your spending in the black, and your account and mind at ease. 


1. Get an international data plan

Texting, email, and apps (especially maps) come in handy when you are in a new city, but those things use data. If you are abroad, data can get costly. Inquire with your U.S. carrier about international plans. There are a ton that can save you roaming charges, like AT&T’s International Calling, Roaming & Data Plans.


Travel 1 - Phone

2. Consider your next available smartphone upgrade

Older phones have slower processing power, and that requires more data and power usage. This takes a toll on your battery, time, and ultimately your wallet, making getting around and keeping in touch that much more difficult. Smartphones are always evolving to serve us better, and your next upgrade could benefit you in so many ways, including giving you a better camera. 


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3. Book accommodations for longer    

It sounds counterintuitive, but longer stays activate deeper discounts. You can save 20% to 30% on stays, making it more worth your while in the end. If you have the time, consider extending your stay. You can see more of the city and make more memories along the way. 


Accommodations - Travel tips

4. Listen to budget travel podcasts

There’s more than you think. These well-traveled experts share tips and anecdotes that can take you all over the world and within the budget you desire. With personality and entertaining information delivered in a short listening experience, you could be well on your way to an awesome trip in no time. 


Greece - Travel tips

5. Use credit cards with no foreign transaction fee

Try to use cards that don’t stick you with foreign transaction fees, especially if you are traveling abroad to somewhere like the UK. The exchange rate can really put a damper on things, but if you get charged for that exchange rate, your budget is going to be blown. 


Travel - no fees

6. Get airport lounge acces

With lounges in nearly every airport in the world, you can save big by gaining access to one of these. The food and beverage items are always free, and you have space to spread out and relax while waiting for your flight. Lounge access can be available for a cost, like for the Priority Pass program, or might already be a benefit with one of your current credit cards. These could ultimately save you big in the end.


Airport Lounge - Travel Tips


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