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by Robbie Imes, 6 min read

With theaters slowly opening up, the film industry is coming back to life. Leaving home isn’t as scary as it once was and being in a crowd seems a lot less daunting. Even still, one silver lining over the last two years has been the comfort and ease of watching films at home. We find that we can still have a great experience right from our couch. 

That’s not to say the theater experience is replaceable  – but in these uncertain times, it’s nice to know we have options if we choose. The movies-at-home business is booming, and there are so many titles to choose from. While my list here isn’t exhaustive, it can serve as a guide to some of the more notable titles available to stream. 


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Kristen Stewart delivers a knock-out, Oscar-nominated performance as the beloved late Princess Diana. Taking place over her last Christmas weekend with the royal family before she asked for a divorce from Prince Charles, Spencer plays a lot more like a ghost story than a historical drama.

With an eerie soundtrack and hazy, lush set design, it will stand the test of time as a truly artistic interpretation of a woman on the verge. 

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Three Months

Health is wealth, they say. And when health is in question, time is the utmost importance. Starring pop singer Troy Sivan in an excellent leading role as a young man awaiting news on his health status, this touching indie movie has heart. Navigating the landmines of growing up and finding who you are, the main character quietly finds some sense of peace with a young man in a similar situation.

While there is romance between the two, there's looming news that could keep them apart. A smart, updated telling of the HIV experience, it is not a perfect film, but definitely one worth watching. 


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Nightmare Alley

An exciting remake of the 1947 noir classic of the same name, a down-on-his-luck man reinvents himself as a psychic with a traveling carnival. Soon he finds himself with the wealthy elite and creates a scheme to rob them of their cash.

What he doesn’t realize is he’s the target instead. With a star-studded cast lead by Bradley Cooper, this stylish thriller brings the seedy underworld of a 1940s sideshow circus to vivid life. 

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The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Scandal always intrigues. What the media sometimes fails to do is humanize those involved. What The Eyes of Tammy Faye does is remarkable. It not only gives Tammy Faye an opportunity to tell her side of the story, but is also told with such incredible depth in Jessica Chastain’s portrayal.

What the movie may lack in narrative tension is completely made up by Chastain’s mesmerizing performance of a woman who at her core simply wants to do good. Oscar nominated, Chastain delivers like no other. 

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After Yang

A24 production never fails to deliver the most interesting – and daring – indie films out there. After Yang is no exception. Set in the future, a young girl’s adored friend, an android named Yang, breaks down. Her father, played by Colin Farrell, begins the journey to find a way to fix it. He embarks on an existential journey that will take him to unexpected places.

A science fiction family drama that is as unique as it is touching, it will leave lasting effects long after it has ended. 

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The Lost Daughter

Olivia Coleman is always a revelation. Her performances are nothing short of perfection, and the films she chooses are always interesting and profound. Directed by actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Lost Daughter is about a college professor who is making peace with her past while on holiday in Italy.

She befriends another woman and her daughter on the trip, which elicits more than she bargained for, and perhaps more than she can handle. It’s another Oscar-nominated performance for Coleman very much worth exploring. 

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