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by Robbie Imes, 6 min read

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Halloween is the time of year to be scared. Everyone can delight in the thrill – and the fun – of being spooked by dark and strange things. But Halloween isn’t just about one day. It’s a month-long celebration leading up to the last night of October when the ghouls are truly set free.

Besides decorating the house with creepy accoutrements like spiderwebs and tombstones, the season of the horror movie is also in full swing. There are the classics like Dracula and Frankenstein, and modern scares like Halloween Kills, but these cinematic opuses are often best viewed on your large TV or in the theater. 

Audiences these days seek more options that can fit our on-the-go lifestyles – and that means sometimes we just want to watch a scary movie on our phones. Streaming services like HBO Max and Netflix have cornered the market on device-friendly movie offerings, but it’s truly hard to pick one that is good, let alone great. 


Here we’ll explore five movies that you can watch on your smart device without compromising the scares – and the quality – that you crave this Halloween.


1. The Silence of the Lambs

This Oscar-winning movie is great no matter how it’s viewed, but it does lend itself particularly well to the handheld screen because of its intimacy. The film is known for its closeups, something it relies heavily on to bring its characters closer to the audience in uncomfortable ways. This movie was an absolute hit in its day and is one that should be watched all year long. The classic tale of an incarcerated cannibal and the FBI agent that befriends him never disappoints. 

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2. Creature from the Black Lagoon 

Possibly the greatest water monster horror movie ever made, the creature is iconic in so many ways. A group of scientists on an expedition encounter a humanoid beast that poses great danger. Originally shot in 3D for the big screen, what makes this movie perfect for device viewing is its crisp clarity and tight shots. You’ll never wonder what is happening on-screen while experiencing the terror and shock of this classic. 

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3. The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Vincent Price is the master of horror. Any classic horror conversation not involving him is a miss, full stop. Some of his films are epic in scope and need a larger pixel canvas to truly enjoy, but The Last Man on Earth is unique in that its intimacy (there’s essentially one character for much of the film) allows for smaller viewing options. The dark, brooding nature of the narrative gives viewers the chills, while the scope allows them to lean in deeper without missing a single scare. 

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4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose 

While possibly a strange choice to view on an iPhone, the film allows for a smaller experience because it’s essentially a drama wrapped in a scary movie. The subject of exorcism is terrifying without a doubt, but the courtroom and legal saga that unfolds here is what is at the heart of the film. Whether Emily is insane, or truly possessed by a demon, is left for the viewer to decide, but the scares are some of the most memorable you are likely to ever see. Watch it with headphones for an elevated experience.  

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5. Hereditary

Quite possibly the best horror movie to emerge in well over a decade, Toni Collete leads this masterful tale of family terror about death and trauma, and possibly the occult. What makes this movie interesting is it turns grief into a weapon of destruction.

Experienced best in the dark, the movie allows for a closeness viewers are not prepared for, which makes the revelations more shocking. Watch it alone, but be warned, it’s not a movie you will soon forget. 

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