We Are Dedicated to Our Customers
and Community In Every Way

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Impact - Community



AT&T’s 144-year history of innovation connecting people with what matters most to them. Through our commitment of making these connections, we are also proud of our commitment to the Latino community.

Since 2018, AT&T and the AT&T Foundation contributed more than $77M to philanthropic organizations in support of the Hispanic community*. Our continued support of unique programs and initiatives that strengthen the Latino community are how we continue to show our longstanding commitment to the Hispanic community (totals reflect domestic contribution totals from 2018 through 7/17/2020).


*2020YTD totals through 8/27/2020 with $68.2M from AT&T and $8.9 from the AT&T Foundation. Total reflect Domestic contributions only.

Impact - Consumers


Our products and services are built with you in mind. AT&T has the perfect offer for you and your family. Our Unlimited Plans help you stay in touch with Unlimited talk, text & data, 5G access*, Unlimited in Mexico & Canada**

Home internet is now more essential than ever to keep you connected with your friends and family while work from home or attend school online. Access from AT&T offers affordable internet for qualified low-income households.

Our video platforms, including DIRECTV, and AT&T TV feature Spanish-language packages and offer your favorite channels.


AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
*5G requires compatible device and plan. AT&T 5G not available everywhere. Visit for coverage details. **2G off-net roaming may apply.

Impact - Employees

Employees / Vendors

AT&T’s strong and diverse workforce reflect the diversity of our customers and vendors. Our diverse, inclusive culture welcomes all points of view and helps to make us who we are. Our Employees are dedicated to service and the community, in fact HACEMOS our Latino Employee Resource Group, has the commitment of more than 9,600 employee in 42 chapters across the U.S.

In 2019 HACEMOS awarded 147 scholarships with a total value of $357,00 to graduating high school seniors across the U.S., bringing the overall total to more than $3 million in scholarships since 1988.

Impact - Diversity


AT&T’s dedication to the advancement of our Hispanic employees and vendors have made us who we are today: a great place to work and a desired business partner.



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