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* Helmet not for sale. AT&T is a proud supporter of the Gallaudet Bison.

Leveling the playing field

What if technology could change the game for Deaf and hard of hearing athletes impacted by on-field communication barriers?
Introducing the AT&T 5G Helmet. The world’s first football helmet designed to level the playing field for Deaf and hard of hearing players.


The Sound of Silence

See the AT&T 5G Helmet’s national debut in our new film called Sound of Silence. Shot on location at Gallaudet with the real football team, this powerful film features a soulful cover of the folk classic “Sound of Silence” by Deaf and hard of hearing singer Amira Daughtery.


The Voice Behind The Song

Step into the studio with Deaf and hard of hearing artist Amira Daughtry as she recorded her soulful cover of "Sound of Silence" and hear just how meaningful this song and film is to her and the community.


How does the helmet work?

Our innovative helmet uses AT&T 5G and an augmented reality lens to connect the player and coach like never before.


"It's bringing the sport
to the next level."

- Stefan Anderson, Gallaudet linebacker

A Historic Day

On Oct. 7, we changed the game forever by officially unveiling the AT&T 5G Helmet before its on-field debut in an NCAA game.


Gallaudet Bison
Home of the Huddle™


In 1894, Gallaudet University, a school for Deaf and hard of hearing players invented the huddle. Changing on-field communication forever. We created the AT&T 5G Helmet with Gallaudet, so now the school can help push the game forward again.

Meet the team

What happens next?

We’ve officially gained approval to trial the AT&T 5G Helmet in an NCAA game. But our ambition is to make our technology a permanent part of the sport for Deaf and hard of hearing players. Click to show your support and help us change the game.

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"I believe in a few years everyone from the NCAA to NFL will be using this technology."

- Warren Keller, Athletic Director

When we connect, things change.
AT&T makes it possible.


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